About Forestry Friendly Communities BC

Forestry Friendly Communities was started in 2016 as a way to celebrate the proud history and bright future of BC’s forest sector.

Since then, we have grown to celebrate forest workers, companies and sustainable forest practices all over British Columbia. The term “Forestry Friendly” is intended to recognize pride in, and an ongoing commitment to BC’s forestry sector. In fact, the forest sector supports 1 in 25 jobs in BC. Forestry related jobs include direct, indirect and induced jobs. It also contributes $13.3 billion to the provincial GDP and injects $4 billion in taxes and fees to the three levels of government, helping pay for important social services that we rely on.

For more than a century, the forest sector has fueled BC’s economy and shaped our communities. To this day, many communities in BC have a close relationship with forestry, as it provides employment opportunities and contributes to local economies. The B.C. Forest sector in partnership with Indigenous and local communities have a significant role to play in mitigating climate change and managing for healthy, productive forests that provide many values from recreation to cultural practices, to wildlife habitat and sustainable forest products.

Forestry Friendly Communities is proudly brought to you by BC Council of Forest Industries (COFI).