Campbell River

Campbell River is proud to be a centre of the coastal forest sector in BC. Located on the east coast of Vancouver Island, this community of 32,000 is a key engine driving the provincial economy.

Forestry remains a critical part of the local economy for jobs and economic diversification in Campbell River. A large number of forestry companies have taken up residence here in the “Salmon Capital of the World.”

The forestry sector in Campbell River has evolved over the years, and today the future looks bright, such as in value-added processing and manufacturing. Local companies like York Portable Machine Tools and T-Mar Industries are on the forefront of forestry-related technology. These are just some of the many ways Campbell River is reinventing its local economy while maintaining the unique coastal lifestyle that so many enjoy here.

Forestry and the Community

The forestry sector continues to build lasting relationships with the communities it does business in, and Campbell River is no different. Recent partnerships with private landowners, BC Parks, and local government have opened up a world of recreational opportunities for local residents. These include kilometres of hike and bike trails and the Elk Falls Suspension Bridge. The industry also supports the forestry education program at Carihi High School in Campbell River. Progressive programs like these will provide ample opportunities for the next generation of forestry workers.

As a central hub for the coastal region, Campbell River is benefiting from new approaches to sustainable forest management. The signing of the 2016 Great Bear Rainforest Agreement will ensure a viable future for the forestry sector, while preserving the pristine environment for future generations. This historic resolution, which brought together environmental groups, First Nations, and industry is just one example of how responsible resource management is possible in BC.

More information about the forestry sector in the city of Campbell River can be found on the City’s website.  Please click here to learn more.

About Forestry Friendly Communities BC

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Forestry Friendly Communities was started in 2016 as a way to celebrate the proud history and rich future of BC’s coast forest sector.  The term “Forestry Friendly” is intended to recognize pride in, and an ongoing commitment to BC’s forestry sector. In fact, the forest sector supports 1 in 16 jobs in BC. It also contributes $12.4 billion to the provincial GDP and injects $2.5 billion in taxes and fees to the three levels of government.

For more than a century, the forest sector has fueled our coastal economy and shaped our communities. Today, people and businesses across BC’s coastal region depend on transportation networks and other services developed for our forest sector. Families are able to earn a living while enjoying a unique West Coast lifestyle.

Forestry Friendly Communities is proudly brought to you by companies and associations working in forestry in coastal BC.