Women in Forestry: Janelle Hale, RPF

Janelle Hale, RPF

Planning Forester, West Fraser

Meet Janelle Hale, a Planning Forester for West Fraser in Williams Lake. As a planning forester, Janelle is responsible for all aspects of development of timber up until it gets harvested. She says it’s a dynamic job, managing many different elements of forestry, from ecological and hydrological to biological and social interests, and for many different species such as fishers and moose. She also does all the referrals with First Nations and other stakeholders and ensures that the company conducts all the required assessments as per its forest stewardship plan and the provincial government’s forestry regulations.

Janelle completed the Forest Resource Management Program at UBC and has been with West Fraser for over ten years, starting in silviculture before moving to the planning department. Apart from working outside, she says one of the best things about working in this industry is that it’s multifaceted, which has allowed her to have many different roles throughout her career.

Janelle is proud of her ability to meet production targets and supply the company’s mills while ensuring sustainable forest management and maintaining good relationships with stakeholders.

For women considering a career in forestry, Janelle would tell you that there are so many different positions within forestry, so as your interests change and develop, there’s likely still a role within the industry for you. It’s a career path that will fulfil and challenge you.