Women In Forestry: Renée McIvor

Renée McIvor

Supervisor, Millstores Operations & Purchasing, Paper Excellence Canada


In your role, what are your responsibilities? What does your typical day look like? 

My current role is Supervisor, Millstores Operations and Purchasing. Our department is part of Procurement. I supervise our Millstores and janitorial crew. I administer work assignments and monitor deadlines. I meet with the crews regularly to identify and resolve problems, counsel employees to correct deficiencies and recommend disciplinary actions if required. I also participate in the implementation of goals, policies, and priorities for procurement activities and operations. I am required to maintain responsible business relations with vendors, keep informed of new products and services, and current prices, as well as evaluate vendor performances when necessary. I also process purchase orders and requisitions. I solicit quotations, place, and expedite orders, and maintain and keep records.

I am also a lead on our Community and Indigenous Engagement Team for our Port Alberni mill. As an Indigenous woman, I am proud that Paper Excellence acknowledges that building effective dialogue is a cornerstone of good relationships. We have built wonderful relationships with local businesses as well as the First Nations in our community. Our relationships will continue to grow stronger in the future and as an Indigenous woman this is an important focus for me to support.


How did you get your start in forestry? 

I grew up in Prince George, and my dad worked in the pulp and paper industry. With my dad working in industry, it made me realize how many people in our lives also worked there as well. It provided many of these people with stable and well-paying jobs to support their families. My husband being one of these people, was working in industry when we met 25 years ago. I have been working in the pulp and paper industry for approximately 16 years. I knew I would work in the industry, I wanted to follow in my dads’ footsteps and provide for our family, just like my husband. I knew working in the industry meant I would have a long career ahead of me.


Are there any accomplishments that you are really proud of? 

Becoming a supervisor in the industry is a proud moment for me. Over the years, it has been very apparent that men were usually placed in these roles. There are more and more women in supervisor, manager, and executive roles – this is such an accomplishment for all of us.


What advice would you have for other women who might be considering a career in forestry?

This is a great industry, and there is a lot of opportunity for increased diversity in the workforce. Our company recognizes the importance of a diverse workforce and continuously take action to support more diversity. Overall, we need more people in our workforce, and to see more women join our industry would be wonderful.