140 BC Communities Rely on Forestry: REPORT

BC’s forest industry supports families, communities, and the provincial economy.

Last month an economic study was released by the B.C. forest industry confirming that the sector continues to be a cornerstone of the provincial economy and one of the largest employers across the province.

Produced by PwC, the study assessed the economic impact of the B.C. forest industry’s ongoing operations, employment, and capital spending across the province related to forestry and logging, wood product manufacturing, and paper manufacturing.

Hear what local leaders have to stay about the benefits of forestry to their communities.


Source: PWC – British Columbia’s Forest Industry and the BC Economy in 2016


The forest industry generates one out of every 17 jobs in the province, or over 140,000 total jobs, generating a total of $8.6 billion in wages to workers.

Of the total jobs, the industry employs 60,000 people directly with an additional 81,000 indirect and induced jobs generated from forest sector activity.

Notably, across the province, 140 communities also rely on the forest industry and are considered forest-dependent through their mills, community forests, or significant logging operations.

Renewable B.C. wood products are in demand around the world, with B.C.’s forest industry exporting $13.7 billion worth of forest products in 2016, accounting for 34 percent of all provincial exports.