Conifex Timber encourages a love for learning

In a heartwarming collaboration between Conifex Timber Inc. and the Play Learn Grow Together Foundation, the Mackenzie Public Library received a remarkable addition: the “Conifex Tree of Knowledge.” This child-proof, kid-safe wooden structure is designed to inspire early childhood reading and ignite young imaginations. With shelves for books and tablets, as well as a cushioned bench, children will have a safe and inviting space to dive into the world of stories and learning.

“Here at Conifex we want to be more than the largest employer and biggest contributor of tax revenues to the community of Mackenzie,” explains Conifex Chairman and CEO Ken Shields. “Encouraging young children to read helps kids develop a love of learning which has long term and wide-ranging benefits in the future. This is why Conifex supports initiatives such as the “Tree of Knowledge.”

Throughout 2023, Conifex has also donated $34,000 to several organization in Mackenzie, including: Play Learn Grow Together Foundation, Mackenzie Lumberjacks Lacrosse, and District of Mackenzie – Rockin the Ridgeline Festival.

The forest industry in B.C. is more than just an economic engine; it is a vital part of the social fabric of the province. Through active involvement and generous donations, companies such as Conifex demonstrate their commitment to the well-being and prosperity of the communities they operate in. They understand the importance of giving back and strive to leave a positive legacy for generations to come.