Exploring University of British Columbia’s Forestry Programs

Thinking of starting or advancing your career in forestry? University of British Columbia (UBC)’s Faculty of Forestry offers undergraduate programs and online micro-certificates for those who have a passion for forestry and the outdoors. The undergraduate programs offer students a comprehensive blend of theoretical and hands-on learning, combining indoor and outdoor lab components along with interactive educational experiences. The online micro-certificates are meticulously crafted to facilitate flexible learning and career growth, achievable within a span of nine weeks or less.

Undergraduate programs:

  • Bachelor of Science in Forest Resources Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources
  • Bachelor of Urban Forestry
  • Bachelor of Indigenous Land Stewardship

Online micro-certificates:

  • Natural Resource Management: Comprehensive Strategies for Managing Natural Resource Environments and Systems
  • Bioeconomy: Pathways to a Circular and Regenerative Economy
  • Mass Timber Building: Understanding Sustainable Building Development